Insurance Information Centre

The mission of the Insurance Information Centre

Our mission, at the Insurance Information Centre, is to answer your questions and provide you with accurate and impartial information on your concerns relating to car, home, and business insurance.

A reference in property and casualty insurance

Established in 1971, our Information Centre is a useful reference on property and casualty insurance for both consumers and people working in the insurance industry. Over 30,000 calls and requests for information are handled every year by our information agents.

Information and advice

Our agents can give you information and advice. We offer help and support as you look for information on insurance coverage, the scope of your coverage, or criteria for issuing insurance policies. We can also help you purchase insurance or settle a claim.

The help provided by our information agents is entirely free of charge.

Acting as an intermediary

For people who are dealing with an insurance problem, our Information Centre agents can also help by acting, if necessary, as an intermediary between you and your insurance company.

For some types of request, our agents will communicate with the insurer to verify facts and practices, and try to bring the parties closer together. If the issue is not resolved, they will explain what remedies are available to you.

For any problem related to insurance, the agent’s goal is to accompany the consumer and suggest ways of reaching an acceptable solution.

Making it easier to get insured

Are you having problems getting auto or home insurance? Our Insurance Information Centre provides consumers with help and support. See full details on our Access to insurance page.