Listening to Consumers for Over 35 years!

With all the experience it has gained since its inception in 1971, the Insurance Information Centre has become an insurance focal point for consumers. Indeed, Information Centre agents answer over 40,000 calls a year, mostly regarding car and home insurance.

Need information on insurance coverage or its extent, on underwriting criteria or on settling a claim The Centre is there to provide information, assistance and guidance, every step of the way.

Over and above its regular day-to-day services, the Insurance Information Centre provides policyholders with essential information and support services whenever a major disaster occurs in Québec. Just think of the Maskinongé tornado in 1992, of the Saguenay flood in 1996, or of the 1998 ice storm that paralyzed daily life throughout Québec.

In other words, no matter the nature of the call or the situation, the Insurance Information Centre is a reliable resource that consumers can depend on – and have depended on for over 35 years.

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