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IBC is a reference for Québec’s consumers when it comes to getting informed on property and casualty insurance. You will find a wealth of easy-to-understand information, tips and advice, and references, all of which will help you see your way through insurance!

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Insurance stakeholders

IBC offers to its members as well as all property and casualty insurance stakeholders in Québec – agents, brokers, trainers, etc. – information, tools and useful references to support the industry.

Insurance Bureau of Canada in Quebec

Listen, inform et collaborate to better insure: this is what defines the role of Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), the national association representing property and casualty insurers in Canada. Accounting for 90% of the market for home, car and business insurance in Canada, IBC’s Québec regional office is the voice of property and casualty insurers and a partner for governments, insurance stakeholders, and consumers.

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