Road to recovery

For many Canadians, COVID-19 has been a major source of stress and difficulties. Insurers have been helping consumers cope with these problems since the beginning of the pandemic.

This last year has not been easy. And while the future is looking better, we know that for many people, the situation is still difficult.

This is why Canada’s home, auto and commercial insurers have given their clients $2.4 billion in relief measures – and why they are continuing to help today.

Relief measures are specific to each insurer, and may include reduced premiums, adjusted rates, and deferred premiums. Contact your insurance representative for more information about available options.

Questions and answers for consumers

As they face the current crisis, consumers and businesses have questions about auto and home insurance. To provide the information they need, IBC has developed a document called Questions and answers about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Questions and answers for business

COVID-19 is causing concern throughout the world, and many business owners are wondering about commercial insurance in these uncertain times. IBC has developed a document called Questions and answers to respond to these concerns.

IBC members are committed to supporting insurance customers during the COVID-19 crisis, as stated in a press release in the spring of 2020.

Each insurer is responsible for determining what measures will be put in place. Measures may vary and will be specific to the needs of each insured party (individual or business). Every case is unique, and insurance customers who are experiencing problems should communicate with their insurer to discuss their situation.