Property and casualty insurance in Québec

The property and casualty insurance industry affects the life of almost everyone in Québec. It lets people drive in a relaxed state of mind, and it protects their assets against the random events of life. It makes a key contribution to business, providing business people with the financial security they need to pursue their affairs with drive and purpose.

A safety net

Thanks to property and casualty insurance, consumers can protect themselves against disasters and random events that can have a major impact on their financial security.

Driving a car, buying a house, starting a business: all of these involve risks that may lead to thousands of dollars in losses or expenses. With property and casualty insurance, everyone can protect themselves against sudden, unexpected events such as a car crash, a burglary, or damage caused by extreme weather.

Because it provides financial security, property and casualty insurance gives its clients the peace of mind they need to make acquisitions, go about their business, and undertake new projects, knowing they are protected if a disaster occurs. This security helps create a strong, dynamic economy.

Types of property and casualty insurance

Property and casualty insurance includes three major categories: automobile insurance, home insurance, and business insurance. It provides multiple forms of protection including civil or professional liability, repairing or replacing goods, covering financial losses, and ensuring compensation for expenses related to a loss.

The property and casualty insurance industry is not the same as the personal insurance industry (life, drug, and health insurance), which is represented by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA).